Braves, Rockies continue to discuss Smith-Prado trade

The Rockies could use one more bat, specifically at second base. The Braves need a left fielder. None of this has changed since the offseason began and reports surfaced of the possibility of the Rockies sending left-handed hitting outfielder Seth Smith to Atlanta for right-handed hitting infielder Martin Prado. Dialogue between the teams continued through last week, and word Monday was the possibility of a trade remains alive.

The frontburner issue for the Braves appears to be seeing what kind of package they can receive for right-handed starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens, a move that could fill other needs.

The Rockies reached a three-year, $31.5 million agreement with former Twins outfielder Michael Cuddyer last week, and are in position to deal Smith.

The Rockies’ main need is a durable starting pitcher, but they have shown no interest in dealing the multiple prospects that many teams require for such a deal. So adding another bat at second base, where the Rockies for now have a possible combination of former first-round Draft pick Chris Nelson and solid multi-position man Jonathan Herrera, has risen to the top of the pecking order.

It would be yet another roadblock for Nelson, who took awhile to find his legs as a professional but has earned compliments from manager Jim Tracy for his work ethic. If such a deal occurs, Nelson could get his chance at third base — if hot prospect Nolan Arenado needs more time to develop. Arenado put up dominant numbers in Class-A last year and in the Arizona Fall League, and will be given a shot to make the Majors this spring.

As for the pitcher, the Rockies would like to re-sign veteran righty Kevin Millwood, who displayed leadership — not only on the mound, but with his preparation between starts — that could help a mostly young starting staff. While it would be nice to add a 200-innings stalwart, it doesn’t look possible on the trading market, it’s cost-prohibitive in free agency, and might not be necessary. A veteran hurler who can stabilize the pitching until left-hander Jorge De La Rosa returns in May or June from Tommy John surgery might be good enough to keep the club in good position in the National League West.

The Denver Post reported late last week that the Rockies have reached out to free-agent right-hander Brad Lidge, who grew up in Colorado  and, through his agent, expressed interest in pitching for his hometown team. Lidge, who has history as a dominant closer, is coming off a 2011 season with the Phillies during which he missed time with a partially torn rotator cuff and experienced elbow issues. The Phillies have discussed bringing him back. Given his current health, it’s more likely that wherever he signs it would be under a Minor League deal. If the Rockies bring back infielder Melvin Mora, who played for them in 2010, it would be under a Minor League deal.


Braves fan her, God help us if we trade Prado for Seth Smith.

Smith is a fourth OF on a bad team a fifth one on a good team.

Surely Wren isn’t that stupid.

Not opposed to shopping Prado but not for dreck like Smith.,

Seth Smith would have been 4th on ATL in PA last year, and his .830 OPS would have led the Braves. I know that you might scream park adjustments but I seem to remember Galaraga not suffering by going to ATL

Even park adjusted his 112 OPS+ would also have been fourth on that team.

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I have already considered giving up on the Braves next season because they had a epic collapse last season and are sitting there watching every other team in the division making trades and signing free agents. This team is going nowhere next season yet they are considering trading a fan favorite like Prado for a nobody like Smith? If Wren makes that trade, his dumb ass should be fired.

amen. I don’t think Wren has a clue what he’s doing. Honestly.

Smith would not be the centerpiece of the deal. It would really be about which CF prospect was included. Otherwise, the Braves would be better served keeping Prado.

I also believe a trade straight up would be a terrible move. One I doubt Wren will make. That is why it hasn’t been done yet. The Braves are asking for a prospect to be thrown in and the Rockies are trying not to do so. If the Braves would offer Prado for just Seth the Rockies wouldn’t hesitate.

Smith is not an upgrade from Prado in any way. Need something else in that trade before the Braves think of trading Prado.

Nice try, thomas – to keep this insane idea alive – guess what ? IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN – BRAVES DON’T NEED OR WANT ANOTHER LH OF – OR, DON’T YOU READ THEIR WEBSITE’S POSTS ?

I am so tired of hearing writers discuss smith for prado. why would the braves make that deal with smith unable to hit lefties. Prado had 1 bad offensive year and the fact he hits well, and can play 2b, 3b, LF makes him very valuable to them or whomever they trade him to. Smith, plays left and doesn’t hit lefties. The braves should try and pick up a solid 4th OF and keep Prado in LF and to spell Chipper. If they trade Prado then they need a solid backup 3B who might have to play a lot and will need a brand new starting 3B for 2013. I would be shocked if Wren is thinking so short sighted. And I wish the writers would realize, or be more hypothetical on who else could be involved.

I love how all of these ridiculous Prado for Seth Smith rumors are coming from the Rockies writers. There is NO CHANCE the Braves trade an all-star 2B for a scrub like Seth Smith. You might want to look at what the Braves need. They need a RIGHT handed outfielder who can back up CF if necessary or a right handed shortstop. Seth Smith is none of that.

I agree that Wren is clueless as the proposed deal would be of much greater benefit to Colo than ATL. Chipper Jones is no longer a full time 3B and he is highly prone to injury and Prado provides utility help in the infield that Seth Smith cannot provide. Further, Prado had an off year with some injury and his stats are comparable to Smith’s. While Smith may add some power in the OF, I sense the Braves need all the infielders they can muster or they will have the most porous defense in MLB. The plan to use Tyler Pastornicky, a good hitting minor league prospect, at SS, will be a disaster. Even if he hits as he has in the minors, Patorniicky’s minor league fielding stats for 2011 translate into 36 errors at SS over 150 games, 24 more than were committed by Alex Gonzalez for the same time. The Braves let Gonzalez go to sign a 1 yr deal with the Brewers because he wanted a 2 yr deal!. With Gonzalez gone, the Braves biggest problem is SS, not left field, and they would be better off not dealing their infielders at this time.

I don’t know why everyone gave up on Constanza so fast. He did so well for so long then cooled off. Prado had a STAFF INFECTION and still played respectable. I would say unless we get a major upgrade lets keep Prado. Use Constanza as a 4th. JJ probably needs to go since he is a Boras guy.

It’s this simple everything else considered including how many LH hitters are already on the team and how many lefty pitchers are in the NL east: trading a RH hitter for a LH hitter is completely asinine.

Prado is garbage, rocks better get a top relieving prospect in addition to Prado if this trade happens.

dumbest thing ive ever heard. seth smith? come on now…

Wren what are you doing tradeing Prado off for another left handed bat the braves are to left handed heavy now keep Pardo means you have a back up for chipper if chipper retires after this season you have a 3rd baseman.

trade JJ for a right handed power hitting left fielder and a fast short stop with range makes more sense than making a trade for another left handed bat we don,t need and using Prado as trade bait If Wren does this he needs to be fired hire Bobby Cox as GM

10 – 4 on hiring Bobby back as GM. Leave Prado where he is. Chipper has several seasons with the Braves left.

I would do a Prado deal with the Rockies only if it is Seth Smith and Tim Wheeler.

also would do a deal for Prado only if for Charlie Blackmon and Tim wheeler.

Don’t doubt it Braves fans. Wren is very capable of a trade like this. It’s salary he is moving. Wren is really sold on his farm and whenever a player gets to a prohibitive salary level, Wren will pull the trigger faster than you can say Prado! The farm has fresh stallions waitng their turn and they work for a bag a oats!lol.But he will get future pics. U can bank on it.

The Braves would be lucky to have Smith, this guy is on the way up. If this trade happens you will all be wearing a Smith jersey in two years and hoping nobody remembers what you commented on this article.

I really hope this is all B/S, keep Prado in Atlanta !!

with all the cf’s on the free agent market in 2012 i wouldnt take it even if they included their top cf prospect. this is what wren should do if he wants to get rid of jj and prado so bad
braves get: jose bautista and blue jays top cf prospect
jays get: prado jj minor and matt young

Braves–DO NOT make this trade!! Prado is too valuable to trade for FODDER.

You’ll like Seth Smith Braves fans. Might be a good change for both players. Smith needs playing time (like everyday playing) and you’ll see a top notch player emerge.

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