Rockies agree to acquire Slowey from Twins

DALLAS — The Rockies have agreed to acquire right-handed pitcher Kevin Slowey from the Twins for a player to be named. The deal will be announced officially sometime Tuesday morning.

Slowey, 27, is coming off a difficult 2011 in which he struggled a switch to the bullpen early, battled forearm and abdominal injuries, and finished the year 0-6 with a 6.67 ERA in 14 appearances, including eight starts.

Slowey went 13-6 with a 4.45 ERA in 30 games, 28 starts, in 2010.


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just another screw-up desision by the old men running the twins system they need to let them go and hire a hole new group of young ,bright ,desiosion makers.

How long have you been following the Twins? About a year? The Twins have one of the best front offices in baseball.

I agree, i think slowey could have been an ace and was pushed aside when he got hurt..for whatever reason..personality, clubhouse politics, the twins have done very little right involving pitching lately and Slowey will prove to be another gem that slipped through the ‘TWINS WAY” fingers…
Mark Cornell


doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.

Slowey had no future with the Twins. A trade was inevitable. Just concerned that the Twins won’t get a contributor for 2012 season

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Slowey not a team player more into what slowey wanted than what was best for the team Twins have enough problems dont need extra ones like this

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