Rockies’ Geivett makes sense for Astros

The Houston Astros’ interest in Rockies assistant general manager Bill Geivett seems quite appropriate, given the Astros’ need to improve their farm system and Geivett’s contributions to the Rockies’ success in recent years.

Geivett, 48, has a deep background in scouting and player development with the Yankees, Expos, Rays, Dodgers and Rockies. In his early days with the Rockies as player pesonnel director and farm director, Geivett had the important duty of melding the development program with the needs at the big-league level.

Through that, Geivett became the driving force behind the teaching manual that’s used throughout the organization. He has fostered a clean flow of information through the coaches, coordinators and front office to keep the Minor Leagues and the Major Leagues on the same page. Those who have worked for him say he has clear, exacting requirements for information and leaves little room or confusion — a key trait in handling an organization with so many working parts.

Geivett also has valuable on-field expereince. A former All-American at Cal-Santa Barbara, Geivett played professionally in the Angels organization as a third baseman, coached at Loyola Marymount and Long Beach State, and was an instructor in addition to scouting duties with the Yankees.

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Nothing can save the Major League Baseball Franchise formerly known as the Houston Astros. Nothing against, Geivett, but if Houston doesn’t get Andrew Friedman from the Rays, they will fall into American League obscurity…if they haven’t already.

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