Rockies 2011, Day 2

Well, Opening Day didn’t go quite the way the rockies wanted. And Ubaldo Jimenez’s right thumb cuticle was a big part of the problem. We’ll see how the Rockies attack this. They’re already giving Jimenez an extra day, thanks to a scheduled day off for the club and manager Jim Tracy’s policy of giving his pitchers an extra day whenever he can early in the season.

We’ll see if the Rockies skip Jimenez’s next start, Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburgh, altogether. Manager Jim Tracy manages a team now with the thought that it will be in the race come September and October, and he really hates to do anything in April to risk that plan.
Also, Ian Stewart starts tonight.
Finally, I dispatched this on Twitter yesteday, but it bears repeating:
Twitter is a great place to converse about the game. It’s an absolutely awful place for play-by-play, which many writers and broadcasters want to give you.
The best place for play-by-play is Gameday, our pitch-by-pitch program with awesome graphics, up-to-the-second stats and all the strategic info you need.
Here’s a link to tonight’s game:

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