Opening Day gift No. 2

Rockies second baseman Clint Barmes doesn’t have much trouble identifying the high point of his career — so far. On April 4, 2005,

Barmes launched a two-run homer with two out in the bottom fo the ninth off then-Padres closer Trevor Hoffman for a 12-10 Rockies victory at Coors Field.

Hoffman happens to be with the Brewers and could theoretically be facing Barmes with the game on the line.

If it happens, at least Barmes knows he’s done it before.

“That would be tough to beat for the best moment of my career. I’m hoping this year I’ll get that opportunity. Maybe it’ll be a big hit in the playoffs or whatever. At this point, that’s going to be a tough moment for me to beat.


“People still remind me of it, but not as often. I used to have a lot of fans say, ‘Hey, I was at the ’05 Opening Day.’ I’d hear that a lot for the first couple of years after it happened. It’s faded a little bit. I’ll have one every once in awhile that will bring it up. That’s pretty special for me to have as a memory.


“I know I don’t have the ball. I’m pretty sure I have the bat from that moment. But, more than anything, I have the video footage. I’ve got a bunch of different angles from all that happened. And I have the memories of rounding third, coming in and seeing everybody crowded around the plate. That’s definitely a special moment I’ll never forget.


“The last thing crossing my mind was I was going to hit a home run off Trevor Hoffman to win a game. I’d never done that in my career, at any point, as far as a walk-off goes. I was swinging the bat well that day. It was Opening Day. I’d already had three hits. I felt comfortable at the plate. The first pitch I saw off Hoffman, he tried to get ahead with a fastball. It was a good pitch to hit. I took a swing at it.


“I can still go back and remember thinking off the bat I knew it was a home run, and I went, ‘I cannot believe that I just did that.’ Rounding first, it was very, very surreal.”


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