Tracy will use Morales stragegically

More often than not, the Rockies want to use left-hander Franklin Morales as closer while Huston Street nurses a sore right shoulder, but manager Jim Tracy hasn’t declared that the job belongs to Morales.


Tracy said Monday that he won’t make such a statement, but there’s a strategic reasons to avoid saying that.


Tracy wanted to reserve the right to go to a right-hander in a save situation, even one when Morales is already in the game.


“If Frankie going to get opportunities to close games? Yes, he is,” Tracy said. “But am I going to sit here and make a statement where I’m leaving myself in a position to explain why I took him out? I’m not going to do that.


“I don’t know how far our starter is going to pitch. I don’t know how many guys he’s going to pitch beyond. If I’ve got a situation that makes more sense for a right-handed hitter to face in a given inning after he’s started it, I’m not going to put myself in that position and feel like I have to answer questions as to why Franklin Morales didn’t do the job. Maybe he did do the job, up to the point where I felt I needed to go to somebody else.”


Morales pitched a clean inning on Monday against the Rangers.


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