O’Dowd speaks on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio Channel

Here is Sirius XM’s press release, which includes a transcript of part of the interview:


Today (Mar. 23) on SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio channel, host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, broadcasting from Colorado Rockies spring training in Tucson, spoke with Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd.


Russo brought up Commissioner Selig’s committee for on-field matters and asked O’Dowd if there were any changes he’d personally like to see incorporated into the game.


Host/Chris Russo: “Give me something that Danny O’Dowd would like to do.”


Dan O’Dowd: “Well again, there are some people studying this with realignment, expanded playoffs, [that are] a lot smarter than me.  I’m excited about those possibilities because I think they’ll be good for the game. I think change done for the right reason is always good for the game.”


Russo: “You want to expand the playoffs with another team or you want to expand the playoffs and go to a best of seven first round?”


O’Dowd: “Both. I would love, they’ve talked about shortening up the season. I know that’s going to be problematic because of records and revenue but speaking on behalf of the players 162 games in 180 days, to play this game at the level they play it at, is really almost impossible.”




Russo: “Would you play best of seven in the first round?”


O’Dowd: “I would.”


Russo: “Do you want to add another Wild Card team?”


O’Dowd: “Yeah, and I think that under those conditions obviously that may be a lot shorter series and certainly would put the Wild Card at a disadvantage heading into that best of seven game series. … I also feel that the teams with the best records should have home field advantage no matter if they’re the Wild Card team or not.  I think if you play 162 games and you’ve got the best record…”


Russo: “You want to get the home field.”


O’Dowd: “And then from a talent level standpoint, I think it’s imperative, the draft doesn’t work anymore, the way its constituted, and I’m not going to get into all the different ideas, but the draft doesn’t work anymore and the international part of the game doesn’t work anymore.”


Russo: “Because the Yankees and Red Sox can pluck the players they want?”


O’Dowd: “It just doesn’t work for a variety of different reasons. The way it’s designed, it just doesn’t work anymore and so we really have to address that.”



SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio channel is available to listeners nationwide on SIRIUS channel 123 and XM channel 144.


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