Street’s MRI shows no structural damage

Rockies right-hander Huston Street said Friday the good news is there is no structural damage to his ailing right shoulder, beyond “a normal pitcher’s.” But there is still inflammation that must calm down, and he’s still going to need to rebuild his throwing program, so the chances are pretty much nill he’ll be available for Opening Day.

Of course, that beats the heck out of having some thing torn and needing to make a decision on surgery.

“The MRI is not going to lie to you, so you have to trust that,” Street said. “I’ve been examined by a number of doctors, by our training staff. All of them are on the same page. You lend a lot of trust as an athlete to those types of people to tell you when something’s right, when something’s wrong.

“The picture was just another level of confirmation to that. It doesn’t hide the fact that there’s an issue that’s causing inflammation. But there’s no structural damage.”

Street said his schedule for returning to the mound is unclear. He said he and the club have discussed what the DL placement means. If he doesn’t throw in the Cactus League, it’ll mean some appearances in Tucson in extended Spring Training. The Rockies’ policy also is to have injured players do a Minor League injury rehab assignment, usually with the affiliate that’s playing in the best weather, and Street said the potential of that has been discussed.

But that’s after his shoulder feels better.

“Right now we’re just trying to get all the soreness, the stiffness out, get the motion back in the shoulder, basically, then you have to go through the throwing program,” he said.

Street underwent an offseason throwing program, but he said there’s no sense regretting it.

“You do try and figure out maybe some mistakes were made, but at the end of the day these things happen — it’s the nature of being a pitcher,” Street said. “I was just preparing myself like I had the season I had the most success, 2009 and 2005 and 2006. Those are the seasons I’d thrown more coming into camp, and I started off the season where I wanted to be.”

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