Unlucky Reynolds feels lucky

Rockies manager Jim Tracy bemoaned the bad luck of right-hander Greg Reynolds, the team’s top Draft choice in 2006. After dealing with shoulder and labrum issues for much of his career, Reynolds showed signs of health and sharpness early in camp. That is until a line drive crashed into his throwing arm just above the elbow on Monday, knocking Reynolds out of his first Cactus League appearance.

Prospect Chaz Roe will take his place against the Giants at Scottsdale on Friday.

“What was mentioned in the [staff] meeting this morning is prior to the line drive, is people who are much more aware of the situation than I am because they’ve seen him for a longer period of time, that Greg was throwing the ball as well and his mechanics were as sound as they’ve ever seen him,” Tracy said Tuesday. “It’s a little punch in the gut, obviously, from his stand point.”

Reynolds actually talked as if he had ducked a punch. X-rays showed a small chip above the elbow on the outside. If one is going to get hit with a screaming liner, and have a chipped bone, that’s not a bad place for it.

“It’s out of the joint, which is a good thing,” Reynolds said. “The chip would be bad if it’s inside the joint, inside the elbow. The good thing is it’s up above the elbow. Probably with a little bit of rest it will heal right back to the bone and not cause a problem.”

Rockies head athletic trainer Keith Dugger said he sent an MRI of the elbow via overnight mail to San Francisco, where it will be analyzed, possibly by Wednesday. Doctors will look for bone bleeding in the area.

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