Hawpe doesn’t have to run out for a first baseman’s mitt

The need for Rockies right fielder Brad Hawpe to learn to play first base was reduced when the Rockies re-signed Jason Giambi, last year’s late-season addition, and also reached an agreement with versatile Melvin Mora. Before then, the Rockies toyed with making Hawpe the backup at first base to Todd Helton in addition to his duties in right.

Hawpe said he’ll prepare to play some first base, just in case. He’ll have to dust off his mitt.

“I’ve had one my whole life,” Hawpe said. “if they need me, whatever I can do …”

Hawpe wanted to do some work at first base this offseason. But the bad weather that hit the entire country didn’t spare Fort Worth, Texas, where he spends his winters.

“It was December so it was hard to get on the field,” Hawpe said. “I went to Fort Worth and we got 14 inches of snow one day.

“I only got on the field a couple of times.”


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