Tulowitzki, Spilborghs and Hawpe arrive

Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki showed up at Hi Corbett Field on Monday morning. So did outfielders Dexter Fowler and Ryan Spilborghs. The first full-squad workout isn’t until Friday, but just about everyone is in. The only regulars who haven’t been seen are outfielders Brad Hawpe and Seth Smith. But like the others, there is no concern about them being on time or in shape.


I saw Tulowitzki recently in Denver, and he said he was trying to curb is excitement because it’s so early and the season is so long. Tulowitzki, a high-energy player, is still trying to contain himself. But that’s a little harder to do now.


“Anytime my buddies or family ask if I’m excited for Spring Training to start, my answer is always I’m not as excited until I get here, and I see the guys, and I see the fields, and I see everybody that I basically go to work with,” Tulowitzki said. “That kicks it into the next gear.


“Being here and putting your stuff in the locker and being in this atmosphere gets you ready to start playing.”


Update: Was sitting and enjoying dinner when it hit me. There was one other position player I hadn’t seen as of Sunday — outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Well, it’s the same as with Hawpe and Smith: He’ll be ready.


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