Aberration: To the Rox, it’s a four-letter word

The usual practice when a team begins anew is for the manager to address players to set tones and themes. Jim Tracy, in his first Spring Training as the Rockies’ manager, has spoken before about wanting the team to embrace expectations. The Rockies made the playoffs last year and are a threat to win the National League West this time.


Tracy recounted his speech for the media after Friday’s first workout for pitchers and catchers.


“We came here to be good. I didn’t mince any words with that. We’re here to be good, because we like our team, we like what we know how to do. We’re trying to perfect some of those things. We’re not going to be afraid of an aberration. It’s just that simple.


“As I said to them, what you don’t want is when the pulse or the thought process goes from, ‘Hey, they were really good last year,” to you disappear and they talk about the fact, ‘Well, they were just an aberration.’ That’s an insult in my opinion. I don’t want to be there, and I don’t want these players to have to go through something like that.


“So what do you do about it? You come out here and you put your mindset and your focus where it needs to be, and you get better than you were the year before.”  


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