Talks heat up with catchers; Capps to narow suitors

Nothing is happening between the Rockies and catcher Yorvit Torrealba. That $400,000 gap doesn’t seem to be getting any narrower. Dan O’Dowd, the Rockies’ general manager, acknowledges talking to Miguel Olivo — the No. 1 alternative — Josh Bard and others on the market.

“We’re working our way through the process with a number of catchers out there, so I wouldn’t say we’re any farther along than we were a week ago,” said O’Dowd, who said there is simply a “difference of opinion” between the Rockies and Torrealba that can’t be bridged at this time. That at least leaves the door open for Torrealba.

Also, righty reliever Matt Capps’ agent, who found himself fielding multiple suitors, said Capps will narrow the list to the five most-serious. The Rockies have definite interest, since current Rockies skipper Jim Tracy managed Capps in Pittsburgh.

By the way, former Rockies fan favorite utility man Jamey Carroll reached an agreement with the Dodgers. O’Dowd said the Rockies were not necessarily looking for a glove man.

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Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote inofrtamive articles.

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