Matt Capps a possible target

An interesting bullpen target has emerged for the Rockies — former Pirates closer Matt Capps. Rockies manager Jim Tracy helped mold Capps into a closer.

Capps’ agent said there is “mutual interest” between the Rockies and Capps, but about nine teams are interested.

Capps is available because the Pirates non-tendered him in a surprise move on Saturday night. The move was contract-driven, The Pirates didn’t want to risk losing an arbitration case and paying a high dollar figure. But Capps didn’t show the fastball command he showed in past seasons.

However, Capps didn’t lose any velocity, so the belief is he is capable of regaining past effectiveness. With the Rockies already set with Huston Street as closer and having some good arms in setup roles — Rafael Betancourt, Manuel Corpas and Franklin Morales — Capps would not be under ninth-inning pressure.

It could be a good fit. However, dollars will be a huge factor. Other teams have roles later in the game, and could outbid the Rockies.


I just wrote a farewell tribute to Capps. I will miss him in Pittsburgh, but still hold out hope that he will sign with us after the dust settles. If not, I could see him in Colorado. He would be a great option for the Rockies, if not a closer a reliable reliever.

Thanks for the comment. I don’t know Matt Capps, but all I’ve been hearing today from folks who do know him has been positive.

I’m a huge WVU fan.


I’m currently a Junior in the journalism school at West Virginia. I love it and have had great memories here. One day I hope to be you! haha But to cover a major league is my dream job. I write for my school newspaper and cover the women’s sports and the baseball team.

I will definitely be following the Rockies now and reading up on your articles and blogs.

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