Fathers and sons, going deep

Eric Young Jr.’s first Major League home run Wednesday night conjured some memories. Young’s father led off the Rockies’ first home game, against the Expos in 1993 at Mile High Stadium, with a homer. Both of those home runs were the opposite way, to left field.

Anyhow, it sparked a question. How often had fathers and sons homered for the same franchise previously?

David Vincent of the Society for American Baseball Research provides the answer.

Expos: Felipe Alou /Moises Alou        

Giants: Felipe Alou/Moises Alou

Phillies: Ruben Amaro/Ruben Amaro        

Indians: Earl Averill/Earl Averill       

Indians: Jim Bagby/Jim Bagby          

Reds: Gus Bell/Buddy Bell         

Yankees: Yogi Berra/Dale Berra         

Giants: Bobby Bonds/Barry Bonds        

Orioles: Don Buford/Damon Buford       

Indians: Cam Carreon/Mark Carreon       

Cubs: Jimmy Cooney/Jimmy Cooney       

Indians: Tito Francona/Terry Francona     

Mariners: Ken Griffey/Ken Griffey        

Reds: Ken Griffey/Ken Griffey        

Cubs: Randy Hundley/Todd Hundley       

Orioles: Bob Kennedy/Terry Kennedy      

Indians: Dave May/Derrick May        

Orioles: Dave May/Derrick May        

Royals: Hal McRae/Brian McRae        

Reds: Tony Perez/Eduardo Perez      

White Sox: Billy Sullivan/Billy Sullivan     

Indians: Buddy Bell/David Bell         

Cubs: Gary Matthews/Gary Matthews      

Reds: Buddy Bell/Mike Bell          

Red Sox: Haywood Sullivan/Marc Sullivan      

Cardinals: Ed Spiezio/Scott Spiezio      





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