Bigger bat means better Smith

The Rockies’ Seth Smith entered Sunday’s start against the Athletics with a five-game hit streak. He is 3-for-8 with two home runs and six RBIs as a DH.

That coincides with Smith going to a bigger bat, from 34-inch, 31-ounce to 35-inch, 32-ounce. it makes a difference.

“This is the biggest I’ve used,” Smith said. “I tried it in batting practice and liked it.

“It makes you stay back. If you get out on your front foot at all, you’re not going to get the barrel on the baseball. Staying back is the ideal hitting position. And with a heavier bat, I can hit the ball a little bit harder.”

His new bats haven’t arrived, however. He is using Todd Helton’s.

“He’s pretty lenient,” Smith said.

Here are Sunday’s lineups:


Dexter Fowler, CF

Clint Barmes, 2B

Todd Helton, 1B

Brad Hawpe, RF

Troy Tulowitzki, SS

Ian Stewart, 3B

Chris Iannetta, C

Carlos Gonzalez, LF

Seth Smith, DH

Starting pitcher — Aaron Cook


Adam Kennedy, 3B

Jack Cust, RF

Matt Holliday, LF

Jason Giambi, 1B

Kurt Suzuki, DH

Orlando Cabrera, SS

Ryan Sweeney, CF

Landon Powell, C

Mark Ellis, 2B

Starting pitcher — Vin Mazzaro


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