Street enjoying visit to old address

The boos from the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum crowd surprised Rockies closer Huston Street on Friday night. But they didn’t hurt him, emotionally or on the mound, where threw a perfect inning for the save in a 4-2 victory over the Athletics.


“That’s fine,” Street said. “I’m not their guy anymore.


“I thought I’d have a little bit extra rush,” Street said. “Maybe it was because I faced [Orlando] Cabrera first. He had never been one of my teammates. The once you get the first out, it was very much like [normal]. We had a two-run lead and I didn’t want them to get anyone on base.”


Street said before the game sharing stries with his old teammates made the experience fun. The time Street has been in a Rockies uniform gave him quite a few stories to discuss with old friends.


Street won the closer job in Spring Training, lost it in late April even though he didn’t blow a save, and regained it. Through it all, he has succeeded on all but one of his 18 save chances.


That’s quite a bit of activity for a guy that folks thought wouldn’t still be here.


Street came as part of the Matt Holliday trade with the Athletics in November. But with Manuel Corpas on the club, there was immediate speculation that the Rockies would flip Street to another club. It didn’t happen then. Streets name came up in trade rumors early this year when the Rockies struggled early, but now that the team has jumped into the Wild Card race — and Corpas is out with a bone chip issue in his elbow — that has died again.<p>


“I want to be a part,” Street said. ‘This is our job, like anything else. You want to feel comfortable when you have your job. You want to be happy to go to work every day. When your job entails winning, where there’s a game to be played, you want to feel you have a chance to win when you show up every day. I feel like I’ve got all three of those things.”


Street has welcomed the trade all along, despite the brief period when former manager Clint Hurdle removed him because his pitches weren’t crisp. It was in a stretch when save opportunities were few, but Street understood.


“When I got the closer’s job in Spring Training, they said, ‘You’re going to have to pitch well to keep it,’ so I didn’t keep it,” Street said. “I felt Clint was very honest about me when he gave me the job, when he took the job from me, and when he gave it back to me. That’s why I have so much respect for that man. As a team we took full responsibility for what happened to him.


“That being said, Jim Tracy, our new manager, I can not say enough great things about that man. It’s not a compare and contrast. Simply, Jim Tacy has come in and done a fantastic job. He’s made little adjustments with the team that we needed. We needed a little bit added discipline.”


During his inning on Friday, Street took a line drive off his right forearm.  The arm was heavily iced on Saturday. Tracy said Street was available for the game.


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