Is there room in your heart for Cal State Fullerton?

Rockies fans have another team to cheer, or at least watch closely.

Cal State Fullerton will begin College World Series play Arkansas at noon (MT) on Saturday. It’ll be a chance to watch three Rockies picks in the MLB First-Year Player Draft in action: first baseman Jared Clark (12th round), catcher Dustin Garneau (19th round) and second baseman Joe Scott (42nd round). All are seniors for the Titans (47-14).

Clark is hitting .363 with 12 home runs, 17 doubles, 81 RBIs and 14 steals in 17 attempts.

Garneau his batting .293 with four hom runs, seven doubles, a triple and 26 RBIs.

Scott is hitting .313 with one home run, six doubles, four triples, 39 RBIs and nine steals in 10 attempts.

Of course, you want more than stats so, we have a blog from Jared Clark.

Here’s something cool about the Titans:

They set a goal of being “First to Practice, Last to Play.” On Fb. 1, the first official day of practice, they hit the field just moments after midnight — with 200 fans watching — for batting practice, and eventually played a nine-inning scrimmage that ended at 4 a.m.

So they accomplished their first goal. We’ll see if they accomplish the goal that really counts.

Read more about the Cal State Fullerton Titans here. 



I know you’re a Pens fan, so… STANLEY CUP!!!!


Anyway you can get an update on how Jeff Francis is doing? I would love to hear some good news and how the rehab is going. Thanks.

Doug from NJ

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