Looking for the Rockies?

I’ve received and seen a few comments from a small number of fans who were not able to watch Monday’s season-opening, 9-8 Rockies loss to the D-backs on FSN Rocky Mountain.

Today I talked with Amy Turner, a spokesman for FSN, and here’s the explanation in a nutshell:

The Rockies and FSN Rocky Mountain entered a partnership under which 150 Rockies games a season will be telecast on FSN. That’s 24 more than in he past.

The network offered cable systems and satellite companies two packages — one a complete package, the other a 126-game package. The primary systems that serve the Denver area — Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV — chose the complete package. Bresnan, a system that serves the Denver area, is one that picked the smaller package. Some systems in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas also opted for the smaller package.

But fans who want to see the full package can be heard. Look up the Web site, FSNInsider.com. By clicking on FSN Rocky Mountain, fans are directed to information on numbers to call to convince their provider to offer the remainder of the full package.

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Thanks for looking that up. FSN gave you pretty much the same excuse they gave me. Their salesmen couldn’t close the deal with out of market providers. Utah is about the worst place to be a baseball fan anyway. I’m looking forward to coming home to Denver this weekend. See you Friday and Saturday!

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