Cook and Webb — one of these pitchers is much like the other

The grass at Chase Field could take a beating with sinkerballers Aaron Cook starting for the Rockies and Brandon Webb starting for the D-backs.

One of the reasons Webb won the National League Cy Young Award in 2006 and won 22 games last year, however, is he showed he could pitch without his sinker. Cook grew in that respect last year, when he qualified for his first All-Star Game, and he’s continued that this spring.

“He’s a sinkerball pitcher who can pitch to contact anytime he wants, but he was able to incorporate his curveball and last year his changeup,” Cook said. “That’s something I really worked on, not to be like him but to be a better pitcher and give myself more options — use my slider, use my curveball, use my changeup, then all of a sudder the hitter can’t just worry about one pitch.”

Cook’s biggest challenge is D-backs left-handed hitting third baseman Chad Tracy, who has blistered him to the tune of 17-of-33 (.515) with eight doubles and six RBIs. Tracy has hit Cook’s sinker as well as his off-speed pitches. Actually, D-backs catcher Chris Snyder has hit Cook more frequently (12-for-21, .571) with a double and a homer.


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