Leafing through the proposals

Rockies president Keli McGregor told reporters Monday that he has begun going through proposals from Arizona communities for the team’s new Spring Training home. It won’t be in Tucson, since there is no way the community can attract a total of four teams. Realistically, the Rockies will be in the Phoenix area in 2011, and it’s possible they’ll share a complex with the D-backs, who also are looking to leave Tucson.

McGregor said the Rockies have received eight proposals, and they’re quite lengthy. He noted that it took him the entire weekend to go through one, because it encompassed so much. The Rockies had Q&A sessions with communities making proposals, and in those they detailed what they wanted to see.

“You have to go through each piece,” McGregor said of the proposals, which go to the team’s legal counsel and then to him. “You can’t get a quick snap shot and say I know what they are proposing. You have to go through the whole thing. They are like 40 or 50 pages apiece. There are a lot of legal [terms].”

 McGregor did not reveal the cities that made the proposals.

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