More injuries … and, OK, some good news

Right-handed reliever Taylor Buchholz will miss 4-6 weeks for with a strained ulnar collateral tendon in his throwing elbow. Also, the Rockies scratched third baseman Garrett Atkins from the lineup for Thursday’s exhibition game with Mexico because of a strained right hip flexor. Christian Colonel replaced him.

Now for good news:

Right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez pitched three scoreless innings with four srikeouts, and two hits, for the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic team against the Cardinals on Thursday.


Oh, no, not Taylor! He was such a bright spot last season that I’m sad to see this happen. I guess it’s all part of the game. Now someone needs to step up and take up his slack, and maybe help the team win a spring training game. I’m glad to see Ubaldo pitching well for DR.

One find his groove and one goes down. Ahh such is baseball. I like Ubaldo and was thinking he might be our “stand out” starter coming out of the regular season gates. I was hoping to see Taylor B in that first rotation also when the season starts. Four to six weeks will be cutting it close…D

Definitely not happen to see the news about Buchholz. I was happy to read about Ubaldo though. It’s great to see that he’s doing so well because he’s already a great pitcher and to think what the future holds for him… well, I’m excited.

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