Ouch, that smarts

The Rockies are less than one inning into thier game against the Angels at Tempe Diablo Stadium, and already there is the kind of news a team doesn’t want to have. Of course, if you’re going to have injury news, it’s best it’s not serious.

That seems to be the case with Brad Hawpe, who left in the first inning of Friday’s game with the Angels with a lacerated little finger on his left hand. His status will be evaluated day-to-day.

Prospect Matt Miller took his place as designated hitter.

Hawpe, who had hit an RBI single and taken second on the before the incident, normally plays right field. But Friday’s game used the DH. Matt Murton started in right.

— Left-hander Greg Smith’s two innings were pretty much the good and the bad. He walked three and gave up two doubles while yielding three runs. In his second and final inning, he gave up a double to Bobby Abreu — his second of the game — but forced three weak fly balls. With the Athletics last season, the walks led to trouble but he changes speeds well enough to get frequent soft flies.


Thomas just sitting here in Minneapolis watching the box score, had a couple questions for someone that is there. Any word on Hawpe’s injury? Does it look serious? Also have you gotten to see much of Helton during team workouts? If so how does he look and when can we expect to see him in the lineup?

Mike Meyer

Well, I’ve updated this item…He has a lacerated little finger and is listed as day-to-day. So all appears fine. Helton is working out regularly. I’m not one much for judging workouts. Until he’s in a game and has to make sudden moves, then does it day after day, it would be foolish for me to guess. That’s why I believe he’ll have to play a few games in a row before we can have serious discussion about his role.

I just found out a little bit ago that Hawpe is dropping out of the Classic! Was the cut really that bad? Or is it just a timely excuse to stay and train with the club? I can understand why he’d want to stay; the Rox really need to stay focused this year. Do you think he made the decision to leave too soon?

I don’t think it was a hasty decision at all. He should be back to baseball activity in 5-7 days, so there’s no reason to risk infection or irritating the wound for an event that occurs during Spring Training. Besides, this is his throwing hand. I don’t want to say the Classic is not important, but it ranks far below being ready for the regular season on the list of priorities.

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